Why Adoption?

Over a year ago, God began to plant the seed of adoption in our hearts.  After I returned from a trip to Africa in January 2013, it was then that we knew we were being disobedient to God's will for our lives if we did not accept the call to adopt.  We researched, made phone calls, and filled out the application.  As I wrote my personal testimony to attach to the application, it was there that I received peace about the journey we were getting ready to take.  God had much more of my life story left to write, and I was beginning to see that we were just getting to the "good stuff".  We realize that there is no greater gift that we can provide for our children that are already in our home, than to show them the gospel through adoption.  Though the cost is great, the road bumpy, and the waiting hard, NOTHING is too big for God!
We know there are millions of orphans in Africa, and we want to make that number one less. There will be one less child to die of starvation, one less child to grow up feeling abandoned, one less child to grow up without a Mommy and a Daddy, one less child to grow up without knowing how much they are loved, and one less child to think, "When is my family coming to get me? When is it my turn?" God has put it on our hearts to adopt, and we are following His call all the way to Ethiopia!